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  1. Performing Rhythms

    March 24, 2014 by khornby

    After composing 4-bars of rhythm, grade 5/6’s worked together in groups to perform their rhythms. It was up to their creativity to decide if they were playing the same rhythms, combining rhythms, or playing rhythms at the same time. Most groups did an excellent job of applying themselves to create a performance in the time they were given.





  2. Performing our rhythms

    March 14, 2014 by khornby

    In Grade 5/6, the students have been composing their own rhythms in simple time (4/4). Today, they began playing their completed rhythms on an instrument of their choice. Some students challenged themselves by playing the rhythms that others had composed. Other students challenged themselves by trying to play their rhythm at the same time as someone playing a different rhythm – this was very tricky!






  3. Camp Wooranna

    March 6, 2014 by khornby

    The “Camp Wooranna” 5/6 student’s enjoyed a jam session! They were able to explore the different instruments and explore how they are played. It is very important to persist, especially when things seem hard – which is, most often, when we are learning something new.

    5:6.2 5:6.3 5:6.4 5:6.5 5:6.6 5:6

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