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March 19, 2014 by khornby   

I hope that you have been enjoying seeing the learning that has been shared on the Performing Art blog. The children love reading comments on their learning made by families and friends of the Wooranna Park community.  Our blogs are a great way to share our learning with the rest of the world.  Last year the 2013 Grade 2’s had 1,786 readers from all over Australia as well as quite a few from across the globe including France, Hong Kong, London and America.  The previous year, the 2012 Grade 1 blog had 6,779 readers!  I am excited to see how many readers view our Performing Arts blog in 2014.

Please comment on the student’s learning – your comments may be questions or statements. This assists prompting students about their learning and provides them with an authentic experience to read and respond to written text. Examples for comments made by friends and family are:

  • How were you using pattern to make music?
  • Well done Grade 2’s! It looks like you’re having fun.
  • Is playing the ukulele hard?


Encouraging students to respond to posts and comments provides them with an authentic reading and writing experience. It also encourages them to reflect on their learning and themselves as learners.  Examples for student comments are:

  • Yesterday in Performing Arts I was playing the ukulele. I found it very hard to place my fingers on the strings. 
  • We have been exploring making bars of rhythm. There need to be 4 beats in the bar. Ways that I came up with to make a beat was 1 + 1 + 2, 2 + 2, 1 + 1/2 + 1/2 + 2. 


All comments on the blogs are read and approved by a teacher before publishing to help ensure privacy standards are maintained. Enjoy conversations with your families about your child’s learning and have fun!

Kristen Hornby, Performing Art Teacher 2014


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  1. Gina says:

    Thank you for having a class blog for so many years, I have been using the blog since Keiren started Prep/2012. One of the many benefits of having a class blog is the strengthening of home-school relationships and provides a virtual window into the classroom.

    I have found it enjoyable being able to keep up with classroom events and student learning 🙂

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